What’s In It For Me? The Contributer

Going through life trying to see how much you can get out of it isn’t a bad thing, however, if you live with the expectation that others owe you something and you are entitled to it, you are missing the true gift of life. It is true, we only have one life to live on this earth. YOLO is a catchphrase for You Only Live Once. With this being true, have you taken time to contemplate what you were put on this earth to contribute to a better everlasting future world? While trying to see what others are offering you for supportive services daily, I ask you the question, “What are you doing to contribute your part?”

Living your life waiting for what others can do for you may work day to day, however, I will bet, you are not content and feel the need to always have more. You see, there are two types of people, the givers and the takers. From my experience, I find even though exhausted at times, and asking one’s self, why do I keep doing this, the givers by far are more satisfied with life. They have an attitude of gratitude for other’s wellbeing. The givers are put on this earth to assist others and make a better place, or a solitary moment better for mankind. Givers are taken advantage of many times by their jobs, family, friends and many times total strangers. The takers somehow feel they are entitled to all the givers have to give with the mentality of “must be nice,” feeling they should have the rewards of the giver although, they have done nothing to earn the rewards.

Wondering if you are the giver or the taker? 


*Presents angry, sad and bored with life.

*Unfulfilled and apathetic with their everyday routine.

*Working in life to make enough money to pay your bills and buy material things for yourself to prove you are an active member of society, shown by your material things.

*You are in search of what others can do for you and will shout out, “this isn’t fair” or, “ it’s too hard” often to others.


*Often the one looking to give your last minute of the day to help someone else.

*Many times exhausted, underpaid, overworked, unappreciated and expected to give more.

* The person others look up to, you are the one that everybody comes to for safety.

*You have dedicated your personal and professional life to assist others and help them in some way get through their lives a bit easier.

*You lay your head down on the pillow at night and still find reasons to be grateful and feel that with the help of God, you may have made a difference in someone’s life.

As exhausting as it is at times, I choose to be a giver. I choose to try and take care of others in their time of need. I choose to challenge my being and life that was a gift to make a difference to those who have given to me. I choose to believe that I was put here on this earth to make a difference and I am not owed a thing. I appreciate what I have earned monetarily however, it will never match the exhausted peace of mind I have each day knowing, with God’s help, I am making a difference.

For all the givers, please be conscious to take care of yourself as well, as if we don’t have our own inner peace there is no inner peace to give to others. Here’s to all the givers, bless you with all life has to throw your way.