Rise And Shine-making the best of your morning ritual


Creating A Healthy Morning

Greet the morning gratefully. Be presently aware that life is a gift and not a given entitlement. Anyone who has lost a loved one too early in life will recognize this lesson.

Take a few minutes to be aware of your surroundings inside and out of your bedroom. Soak in the outside sunshine, the sound and smell of a drizzling rain, the singing birds or the denseness of the fog that has blurred the normal view of your boudoir.

Mentally and physically body scan from your head to your toes with gentle stretches before getting out of bed.

Make your bed. No matter how much time you have it is important to leave your bedroom in a peaceful and orderly way as you will have an appreciation for its presence when it is time to retire for the evening.

Try to slowly take on the day, as taking on too much at one time can assure a stressful burnout overload before your day even begins.

Take 5. Five minutes to meditate and go through how you would want to see your day go. Throw out the negative and bring on the positive possibilities to the universe.

Making obtainable goals for the day is a positive engagement, however, be sure to start out with smaller accomplishments and then build onto more challenging ones to gain confidence throughout your day.

Rituals are great, so if it is a morning workout for those morning peeps or sipping on a hot cup of java to slowly get the alertness necessary, the goal is to move forward.

Breakfast is the nutritional foundation of the day. This can make or break your mindset by mid morning so plan healthfully.

Limit your negative news time. It is guaranteed that if there is some major event going on in the world, you will be privileged to it soon enough. Instead, try listening to your favorite genre of music or step out there and try a motivational speaker to get your blood flowing with positive thoughts for the day.

Step into the day with a mindful attitude and be confident in what talents and strengths you have to bestow onto others.  Being the best you can be just may rub off on others and create a more positive and relaxed work environment for you and your colleagues.

Angela Tennyson, MHP, CADC, Crisis Counselor, Life Coach