The “to do list” funk


Hi all,

Hope your summer is treating you well.  I found my aching self ruminating on all my “to do” things that need to be done.  I have this mentality that  I only feel rewarded if I fit as much as possible into a day.   At the end of the day, I sit back and marvel what I have performed, however lately, my age has been creeping up on me and showing me who the boss really is. I find myself, aching every night and waking up stiff. It is true if I don’t upkeep things around my house then it won’t be done, however, I am thinking there has got to be some balance to these daily chores. Reminding myself that I am no longer 30 years old and I am not physically able to bend, move, or carry what I used to be able to do is quite humbling. At the same time it’s quite frustrating. I find my inner voice negatively talking to my body for not being able to keep up. Last night when I took my epsom bath, I promised myself that this kind of talk needs to stop. I also noticed, when I work so very hard, I eat whatever my body craves which is not healthy and includes lots of sugar. See how easily we can get caught up in not taking care of ourselves? 

Today I promise myself to self love and take time to rest without guilt. Today I give myself permission not to work like I’m 30. Today I will take the time to sit and relax with a healthy glass of water. Today I will begin to be more conscious on eating healthy foods. Today I will take more breaks and let others lift anything over 20 pounds. Today I will accept I am no longer my younger self however I am my best self and who I am supposed to be.

Take time today all, to be your true authentic self and have acceptance for where you are in your life fully.

Peace of mind to all, go have a great day.


Complaining with no action taken

We have all done it. We have all heard it. Complaining that our lives aren’t what they are supposed to be. Our sense of entitlement that we should be where others are. The question arises, did we do what others did to get there. The old saying, “must be nice,” irritates me to no end. If you want what someone else has, then sit down and discuss what they sacrificed to get where they are. I’m sure they didn’t sit in their living room complaining about it. They got up and did something about it and had many other consequences that maybe you wouldn’t sacrifice to get where they are. Sure maybe they are world class golfers, millionaires, actors and so on but what was the price they paid to get there. Those of you stuck in a dead-end job that you hate will come home day after day and complain to your family that you have to do this to pay the bills. Well, there are other ways to pay the bills however you might have to sacrifice your now way of living to do so. How many of those people you envy truly may envy an element of life you have? Ever thought of that? Maybe you have the spouse or children or small town neighbors they want. Maybe you have the peace and privacy they can’t seem to get because paparazzi’s are constantly hounding them. Maybe they wish they could go for a walk without feeling threatened or their families not being safe. You see everything has a payoff. The question is are you ready to pay the price?

On the other hand, sometimes taking the risk and sacrificing will bring you to the lifestyle and home life you dream about. Just keep in mind that no matter what, we all look across the room and fantasize what it would be like to be someone else. When I was a little girl, my dad would take us out for rides to see other people’s Christmas decorations. I loved when they had their front curtains opened so I could look into how other people lived and fantasized a “Brady Bunch” life. Some of you younger folks will have to google that t.v. episode to understand. It’s basically, the grass looks greener on the other side concept. Happy families, parents still together, no fighting, could afford lots of material things, was my fantasy of how it was supposed to be. As I got older the realization that all homes and families had their own problems as well.

My message today is, love your life, love who you are, love where you are, and if you don’t, stop complaining and do something about it. Please don’t say, I can’t or I don’t have time, I work too much. You have time to get on your phone, or watch t.v., so turn those things off. Start maybe a half hour a day and build up to where you can’t wait to spend more time planning out your new life. Here are some steps you can begin with.

1.  Talk to someone who you admire and would like to be where they are and find out their story.

2. Analyze if this is possible for you and what changes you would have to make and what sacrifices you and your family would have to make to make this come true.

3. Be honest with yourself, on the downfalls of having this lifestyle. When speaking to someone who has obtained this goal, ask them to be honest with you what the negative aspects have been for them. What do they have to deal with that you currently do not.

4. If this is truly your passion, get off your butt and do it. Your not a tree, you can move!

Inspiring wishes to all…..

Well intended advice

Hi all,

So you are ready to start your journey and want to find your true passion and go for it. You are so excited that you start sharing with your family, and close friends to get support. Then it happens, you know, the well-intended advice of others who in their own right minds haven’t taken advantage of their true passion. They are the one’s who start telling you stories of someone else who has tried what you are doing and failed. Sending you a message of “don’t waste your time.” I used to fall into this rut and believe them, especially those special people I looked up to. Recently, I have inventoried back all the opportunities I have missed due to taking the advice of others, “don’t bother, it’s been done and didn’t work.  I wonder if Steve Jobs would have heard that others had tried and failed what he was attempting, if he would have given up? Honestly, I’m sure he heard this many times, and as they say, he laughed all the way to the bank.

Today, think about who your well-intended sources are and be able to kindly thank them for their thoughts and concerns, then go out and be who you want to be. Go out and live your true authentic life and remember, you only fail if you quit trying!

Well inspirational wishes to all!


The right time isn’t there, trust me. The now time is here and shouldn’t be passed up. I don’t know how many times I and others have used the excuse that “now isn’t the right time.”  “Maybe when ” is the follow up to that sentence. Quit smiling, because I just called out your bluff and no, I’m not a mind reader, I’m just a participant in the excuses of life. I challenge you to take this journey with me and let’s change our lives right here and right now. I will send out beginning questions to have you write down answers so you can reflect on what you’re stuck point/excuses are that are holding you back. Please join in and feel free to share any or all.

Grab a special notebook.  This is one of my favorites from Amazon, go check it out.           <iframe style=”width:120px;height:240px;” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ src=”//”>


It’s best to personally pick out one that means something to you. Remember this is your life, so make it a special one you can come back to and add or just reflect over time. Get ready to become a writer of your own life. Writing is a wonderful way to slow down your brain and it teaches you to process slower as your brain translates to your hand, which writes it out on paper. If you feel more comfortable typing out your journal on your computer, that will speed things up but it’s important to do what works best for your brain process. When I was in college, as an adult, the younger kids made fun of me because when I studied I would read the text, highlight the book, listen to the teacher’s lectures and then to prep for the test I would type out all the notes and highlighted areas. Yes, this did take a lot more time however, I wanted to really understand what I was meant to learn and as an older learner, I wanted my money’s worth so had to get an “A”, which I did. Note: I put my report card on the refrigerator to show my teenage boys I got all A’s. One of my adorable sons wrote on the report card, “OVER ACHIEVER!” Gotta love them.

Please take the time to also write down each question and then say it out loud. It’s a part of the processing to your thoughts become your words which become your actions. This will come in handy when I teach you to do a vision board.



Welcome to your new journey of balance

Hi all,

I’m so excited to get this new inspirational, self-help blog started. Please feel free to comment and share on any social media you have. Let me start by giving you the reason I am so passionate about my new adventure. My goal is to help others get out of their stuck place in life and reach their full potential. Learning how to self-motivate yourself will bring you rewards and peacefulness beyond belief. As a Behavioral Therapist / Life Coach, I will offer you balancing tools and suggestions to create the best life that works for you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions you have as I value all your insights. Also, in the near future, I will be offering 1-1 life coaching sessions for those of you who are motivated to take this journey and become the best most positive person you were meant to be. If you would like to send me a private message please reach me at my email:

Beginning the Process


This picture was taken a month before my father passed away. It was at my niece’s wedding during the father daughter dance. I remember my sister told me to go ask dad to dance because she wouldn’t do it herself. Totally her loss after realizing this was the last picture taken of my dad ever. So often we get stuck in our own lives because we are ruminating how our choices will affect others or what will others think of my choices. This goes back to wanting to please our parents and not wanting to do what is right for us, but what we think they would want us to do with our lives. Indeed our parents, family members and authority figures were in our lives to mold us to being a decent human being however, they too may have been stuck in their own pattern of needing approval and never succeeded in their own true passion. The fact that we only have this one life to live and this is not a dress rehearsal for the next big life where we will really do what we want, we must take action now.

Please take the time to journal, or take an internal inventory of your answers as this processing will dig deep down to see the true person you were taught to be and the true authentic person you want to be.

*What values and beliefs were instilled in me by my parents or guardians that I felt was necessary for their approval?  Who did they want me to be?

** Of those, how many do I portray currently? Did my parents ever notice and compliment me for doing what I was taught?

***Where did I fail them?

****Now that I’m an adult, how do my own values and beliefs differ? What am I feeling is important to pass on to my own family?

Challenge: Take 5 minutes a day to acknowledge the good values and beliefs                             you have from within.

Peace to all until we meet again. Feel free to comment and reach out as the more processing the better the results.