Me First


We are all instilled with values firstly from our parents then the type of society that we were brought up in. Once we become older it can be difficult to acknowledge our own values and what makes us whole as opposed to what makes others think well of us. When we struggle with what others think of us or what their norm is, we loss a part of our own happiness and the stress can take a toll on our health as well. We sometimes carry guilt that we are not meeting up to our mentor’s expectations which is unhealthy for our own psyche. Giving of ourselves is a powerful gift to assist others in their happiness, however, it is an important part of our own well being to take care of ourselves first. It not only allows us to have more to give others but also sets a good example and shows strong values to those who are looking up to us.

Self-care is what drives us to be better human beings. If we are taking care of our own mental and physical health, we mindfully become stronger at accepting change and acknowledging what we have no control over, which in the long run can bring inner peace through the rough times of our lives. If we are practicing everyday self-care, we present with an aura of clarity to bring forth our best for ourselves and others.

Is self-care really a selfish act as we are thinking of what will make us better instead of putting others before our own needs? Sometimes that falsehood may present, however, the true fact is, if we have taken care of ourselves, we have our best to give and help others, therefore, it is a win-win situation. If we put others before ourselves and become burned out with our own needs, then we are neglecting our true authenticity of what we were meant to be and give during our time on this planet.


Angela Tennyson, Crisis Clinician, MHP, Life Coach, CADC