Lean Towards The Positive

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Somewhere in my past, I took on a bad habit of always projecting the negative outcome so as if it really happened this would buffer my discomfort. Thankfully, with time, age, maturity, and a more powerful spiritual being, I am retraining my brain to be hopeful for the best outcome. I have decided that it only hurts me to constantly put my mind and body through the worst possible scenario and truly it doesn’t make things easier if it happens. I still have to go through the same processing and disappointment so I am literally, making myself go through it twice every time it happens.

Giving much thought to this lately, that means I am doubling my stress level and wasting precious “mind time” on negativity. Hold up! The aha moment has come as I have begun to hold myself accountable for mentally beating up on myself. From this day forward, I will try and retrain my brain to see the positive outcome. To believe there is good out there for me and to be hopeful that it will come my way. If and when a situation plays out and there is a negative outcome, I will take it as a learning lesson and have confidence that I have been through a lifetime amount of played out situations that haven’t gone in my favor and handled most of them with grace.

I will continue to put positive thoughts out to the universe and believe that there is good to be had and I am worth receiving it. I will stop doubling my mind and body stress load and allow my life to play out with passion and dignity. I will keep a grateful attitude for the good that will come and a humbling attitude for the lessons that will come when I make poor choices. Rewarded or woke up from my own decisions, at least I am now armed with a healthy perception that sometimes I am in control of my outcome and sometimes I am not. But I do know one thing, I will survive and be stronger and I have faith that I will be able to handle what life has for me with God’s help and that brings me peace.

Have a blessed day.

**Side note; I did believe I would win the Powerball but I forgot to move to Massachusetts first:)

Angela Tennyson, MHP, CADC, Crisis Clinician, Author