It’s Too Hard


Working day in and day out in a profession with people, I often hear the words, “it’s too hard.” I’m not sure why being hard, gives anyone a ticket to give up but in today’s society it seems to be your out to feeling any sort of uncomfortableness or pain. The old saying, “If it was easy, everyone would do it,” is a wrap around of what my message is today. Those who succeed in life aren’t’ the ones who stopped at the point of anxiousness or fear of the unknown. They didn’t stand back and wait for someone else to do it for them so it wasn’t hard. They accepted the challenge and reaped the rewards that were given for their efforts.

In today’s society, it presents that more and more people are trying to avoid any type of disagreeable feelings or hardship but yet still want the rewards others have gained from going through the pain. How is it that one can gain anything from a handout other than a brief instant gratification? Why do they feel entitled to what others have put their hard mental and physical efforts towards to move forward in life?  We are becoming a society of wimps or entitlist who are always shouting out, “that isn’t fair,” or “I deserve this.” “Must be nice,” is another comment I hear when someone has earned what another wants. If you want what someone else has earned, then go out and do what they did to earn it.

Pride, fulfillment, and wisdom are the rewards one earns from taking on the hard challenges and suffering through the process of failure but not giving up until the task is completed. Finding the lessons that are along the way to the path of success is a reward in itself. No one can take away from you your life’s struggles but I promise you, hiding from them, self-anesthetizing them or avoiding them will not allow you to have the full life God intended you to have. Fear and anxiety are two very big motivators of change if the challenge is taken. Growth and prosperity are the gifts life will reward you with in the end. Go out and do hard things and be all you can be.