Finding Peace


The daily stress and pain on your face are showing. The lost flatten affect of worry presents on your face. Rumination of negative thoughts consumes your mind of how you should be in a better place. In constant search of a fantasy called inner peace, you seem to always be waiting to arrive. Ridden with anxiety and worry that every moment will have a terrible outcome is blinding you from the daily miracles you are missing. Your mindset is slowly aching your body and aging your presences.

This is no way to live, however, numerous tries of finding that secret, that dream life, that one thing that will make everything better. An Eagle’s song rings in my head with the message, “So often we live our lives in chains never realizing, we hold the key.” Such a powerful message to be processed and utilized to that internal pain. It certainly brings to heart the question, “Am I really to blame for my own misery?”

Many written books and lectures have been presented to the world in the past decade of a positive mindset. Where our minds take us is where we will live. Learning to stop the negative ruminations and replacing them with the positive is not an easy task if you have habitually looked to the pessimistic side of life, however, may be learned if you have the stamina and the will to change your life. No, it is not easy, yes, it is hard, but truly is worth it and will allow you to move forward in your life if you only put in the effort and time. Oh the word, time. You don’t have the time, right? Wrong! You have to make the time and all of us have it. Step away for breaks at work, the travel time to and from work, in the bathroom if needed, alone for a walk, you have time. It is amazing if you turn off the phone and t.v., just how much time is available in life to change your ways.

Here are some new thought-provoking ideas to ponder.


Be your own best friend.

To do this you have to first find the reason you like yourself. Self-esteem and seeing the positive attributes you have to give is key to a good relationship with yourself and later with others.


Be kind to yourself.

Give yourself some slack when you make a mistake. Mistakes were made to be learned lessons to become a better decision maker. If you don’t fail, how will you learn stamina? Always remember, failure only happens when you stop trying. If you are still working on getting it right you have not failed at all.


Get out of your own mind.

When we are consumed with all the things that are wrong with us and our world, we present as self-centered. It is amazingly so that if we make our lives around helping others, being kind and generous with our time and talents, tenfold will come back to us.


Stop looking for that one thing that is going to make your life.

Life is a journey and you are not meant to arrive at a certain destination. Life is an up and down ever cycling path of choices that will present rewards or consequences. Each choice you make is a fork in the road from your past experiences and offered advice from others you trust. Take it all in and move forward in that direction.


Never, ever give up!

“This too shall pass.” Where you are is not where you will be unless you stop moving. Always have a future orientation of positive upcoming events to look forward to. If you are blinded and can’t see them at this time, dream of what your life would look like if it were happy and strive to achieve that for your future.


Pray and believe you are not alone on your journey.

Believe in God or your higher power and that you are never alone in this world. There is always a spiritual presence that is trying to guide you in the right direction if you would just stop and listen.


Be still.

Learn to be still in your own presence. Mark out small times in your day to use your 5 senses. Be still and quiet within yourself to see, hear, feel, taste and smell the presence around you. Take in deep belly breaths to a count of 10, hold for 10 and slowly blow out for 10. It is amazing how well this works in relaxing you.


Stretch as often each day as needed.

We carry stress in our bodies without even realizing all the tension that has built up from the last confrontation we lived. It can even be the confrontation in our own mind. Slowly give yourself a body scan stretch in each area of your body. Recognize where your tightest areas are and give them the release they need.



Whether you are reading a funny book,  watching a comedy on t.v., hanging with friends, or finding humor in other’s behaviors, which is my favorite, laugh out loud every day, several times a day.


Good nutrition and sleep.

Eat well, indulge now and then and most of all, acknowledge that rest is a wonderful gift.


Be selfish

With love and compassion, give to yourself first as you have nothing to give unless you have it yourself. May you take the time for yourself to give yourself peace as you are the only one that can.


Go outside

Just getting outside can make all the difference in the world with your emotional stability. Take in and be grateful for the openness and the infinite free space you were given.


Know when it’s time to seek professional help

As strong as we all are and want to deal with our own problems, there are professionals trained in assisting you through your rough spots. Don’t try and be a hero, take the help.



There are wonderful studies showing the positive effects of meditating and free apps to download to practice anytime and anywhere.


Take a mental vacation

We all have recollections of past good times whether it be a momentous event or a vacation many years ago. Take time to go relive the happy times in your life and know that there will be more to come.


Angela Tennyson, Crisis Clinician, Life Coach